We are Anvil Salute. We are pleased to make your acquaintance. In our vast interwebs tag cloud, we have been labeled as experimental, psychedelic, pysch-folk, post-folk, acid folk, free folk, instrumental, psychedelic rock, freak folk, “people who are freakier and folkier than motherfucking Devendra Banhart”, etc. You get the picture. People say we need more tape hiss and gongs. Others say we’re a disappointment. We say, “Maybe.” We like sound. We like to play. You should decide for yourself what we sound like. Maybe you’ll enjoy it.

What else would you like to know? We started a few years ago. As a full-blown band, it was 2003 if you’re keeping track. We’re from Norman, Oklahoma. Ae are in flux. Always. Currently, We are two… most of the time. On various and sundry instruments, often at the same time, we have Todd Fagin andĀ Gabe Wingfield. Sometimes Kasra “George” Ahmadi lends a hand. In the recent past, thanks to modern technology, formerĀ members have contributed to our recordings. So it is almost like they never left. Well, not really. It is a poor substitute, but the music is better for it.

We miss playing with Greg Elliott, Kenny Baldridge, Rebecca Loftiss, Jesse Butler, Brooke McCorkle, Ben Kennedy, Randy Lewis, Brad Fielder, and Kelly Stevens. Please, come home.