Dream Magazine #9 Compilation


This is the companion CD that accompanied Dream Magazine issue number 9. We were interviewed in that issue as well. The magazine is still available and, despite our contribution, is worth the read.

Recorded at Main Site Contemporary Art Gallery, Norman, OK in early 2008.

Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, B. Fielder, K. Stevens, K. Ahmadi(?), B. Kennedy, B. McCorkle(?)

Track Listing

  1. Pantaleimon “Three Men”
  2. Sarah June “The Reaper”
  3. Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band “The Clock Talks”
  4. M. Jarvis / A. Jarvis “Schema”
  5. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost “Haru No Kuni (Land of Spring)”
  6. Helena Espvall & Mori-Shige Yasumune “Improvised Cello Duet I”
  7. Bob Moss “Fantasy On Railroad Boy”
  8. Anvil Salute “Vanishing Buildings”
  9. Corbi Wright “Good Morning Sailors”
  10. Daddy Antogna “Drum Solo At Teatro Coliseo 1976”
  11. Mount Eerie “Blue Light (Instrumental)”
  12. George Parsons “Night Traffic”
  13. Casual Fog “The Wasted Day”
  14. Bird By Snow “One White Flag”
  15. John White “Juvendee Hill”
  16. Phantom Buffalo “Weather The Weather”
  17. Bill Mumy “History”
  18. The Moore Brothers “I Love You But I Will Not Write You”
  19. Christian Jonassen “Jigsaw Man”