From the Deepest Depth of A Bottomless Light

From the Deepest Depth of a Bottomless Light



Recorded live to two-track at KKSBAF House, Norman, OK.
Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, R. Loftiss, B. Fielder, K. Stevens, K. Ahmadi
Red silk-screened covers designed by Darryl Norsen. CD-R edition of 200. Released 2006. Still in print.
You can purchase a copy at House of Alchemy.

Track Listing

  1. The North Sea “Green Horn”
  2. Antique Brothers “Clipped Wrists and Slit Signals”
  3. Insect Mind Burial Ground “Sacred Light of the Magick Stone”
  4. Anvil Salute “The Hell of the Same”
  5. Ajilvsga “Paris”
  6. Scott Valkwitch “In the Red”
  7. (VxPxC) “Fresh Vocalizations”
  8. The Goodwillies “As Thin As Ice (in Los Angeles)”
  9. Howlin Magic “Strange Dimension”
  10. Stone Baby “Sophist Wallops Haughty Helen”
  11. Sleepwalkers Local 242 “Arabian Birthday Charm”
  12. Songs About Flowers “Ranculus Nivalis”