Gold Leaf Branches

Gold Leaf Branches

Gold Leaf Branches


A massive 3xCD compilation released by Foxglove/Digitalis Industries November 2005. This is one of the earliest appearances of Anvil Salute on record. You can still purchase a copy or its download here.

Recorded 2005 at Static Frequency House by M. Carson. Mixed by B. Fielder
Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, R. Loftiss, B. Fielder

Track Listing


  1. Six Organs of Admittance “Thousand Birds (Live On Air)”
  2. Kuupuu “Haava”
  3. Stuart Busby “First Steps”
  4. Hala Strana “Fanfare”
  5. Alligator Crystal Moth “Epicenter Crystals”
  6. The Gray Field Recordings “Rune Of The Moon And Endymion”
  7. Maniacs Dream “Wayke Up”
  8. Courtis “Insolación De Soles Aledaños”
  9. James Blackshaw “No Ghosts”
  10. Robert Horton “Beauty of Decay”
  11. Annelies Monseré “You Were On My Side”
  12. Soarwhole “Kronosdilutze”
  13. Keijo & the Free Players “Just Before”
  14. Timothy, Revelator “Friday Morning”
  15. Pefkin “Blast Beach”
  16. Visitations “Untitled”
  17. Itdreamedtome “Duneuuic”
  18. Silvester Anfang “Corporelijck Punieren”
  19. Elephant Micah “Ruination of the Runaways”
  20. Oxblood Reincarnations “Milkstone”
  21. Kulkija “Hiljaa Hiivin Pois Aurinkoon”
  22. Snake Oil “Untitled”


  1. Hertta Lussu Ässä “As-Yet-Untitled”
  2. WOLFMANGLER “I Dance Because She Likes It”
  3. Charalambides “Voicebox”
  4. The North Sea “Guiwenneth of the Green Grass”
  5. Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood “Missing Peace”
  6. The Weird Weeds (The Laudable Pus) “Soda Jerk (Sex With Strangers)”
  7. Leighton Craig & Eugene Carchesio “Here I Give Thanks No. 1”
  8. Rameses III “The Tidal Draw”
  9. Snowfoxx “Love Style One”
  10. Xenis Emputae Travelling Band “Song From a Wasted Orchard”
  11. Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree “Being Here Has Caused Me Sorrow”
  12. Claypipe “Amongst Slow Dust of 60 Years”
  13. Wax Ghost “Fall City”
  14. The Golden Oaks “Grower’s Communion”
  15. M. Jarvis & A. Jarvis “Rice Leaves”
  16. 6Majik9 “Debris”
  17. Lamppukello “Metsä Mansikka Mehu Lasi”
  18. Plat Ypus “Jazz”
  19. Marissa Nadler “Lily, Henry, & the Willow Trees”


  1. Drekka “Possibilities (Live @ VPRO)”
  2. Anvil Salute “Vines Through The Window”
  3. Hush Arbors “Far Away I Have Been”
  4. The Lost Domain “Death Dances”
  5. Lau Nau “Hidas Kuula”
  6. Wood & Wand (Featuring the Rose) “Death Dealer Blues”
  7. Friendly Keys “Sea Lions”
  8. Keijo “Moving Beyond”
  9. The Juniper Meadows “A Mess of Cedars”
  10. Agitated Radio Pilot “Innumerable Night”
  11. Terracid “Sky Love This Day”
  12. Dead Raven Choir “We Will Not Whisper”
  13. Master QSH “Saunankatolla 2004”
  14. Nick Castro (with B’Eirth) “Unborn Child (Live)”
  15. Jani Hellén “Last Sunbeams in a Darkening Hall”
  16. The Does “Lullaby”
  17. Mike Tamburo “No More Dripping From Windsor’s Beard”
  18. Braspyreet “Kuu Putoaa”