TEA-2 Compilation




This was put together by the fine folks at Ptolemaic Terrascope as a way to help earn money to keep the fine magazine’s web site afloat or at least offset some of its costs. Released October 2008, it was out of print in only a few months. The deluxe version of which came complete with inserts and a button-down knitted bag: and not just a plain knit either, but complex, individual and multi-coloured, hand made by the lovely Cara Lewis.

Recorded at KKSBAF House.
Personnel: T. Fagin, G. Wingfield, J. Butler, B. Fielder, K. Stevens, K. Ahmadi

Track Listing

  1. Insect Factory “010207”
  2. Jamie Thomson “From The First Spark to the Last Drop”
  3. Ellen Mary McGee “Lord Franklin”
  4. Mike Tamburo / Matt McDowell “All Good Things are Dark Continent”
  5. Tanakh “Coming Through”
  6. Kitchen Cynics “The Mountainside”
  7. Nick Nicely “London South”
  8. Numinous Eye “A Bit of Pink Noise”
  9. Pothole Skinny “Chana”
  10. Je Suis France “Time Rings / Time Eraser”
  11. Mooch “Ice Cream Song”
  12. Nipple Spiders “Hedonism”
  13. Anvil Salute “It Is Voice As Beats Us”
  14. United Bible Studies “The Standing Stone”